Your heating and cooling systems are no different than your car – they need consistent service to maintain peak operating condition and extend operational life. Luckily, One Hour Scheduled Maintenance Club Membership makes it easier than ever to service, clean, protect and enhance your systems – with minimum hassle for you.

As a Club Member You’ll Receive:

*  Annual 21-Point Precision Tune-Up & Professional Cleaning (Cooling System)

*  Annual 21-Point Precision Tune-Up & Professional Cleaning (Heating System)

*  Annual Humidifier Tune-Up

*  20% Discount on Repair Service

*  Lower Professional Evaluation Fee

*  5% discount on new equipment

Call (913) 663-4687 for pricing information, or to become a One Hour Comfort Club Member today!

Comfort Club Membership means that annual inspections to clean, check and adjust your heating and air conditioning systems will automatically be scheduled and performed (at your convenience). No worry for you that your systems are not being properly maintained, and no hassle or time spent on your part.

You’ll Save Money
Proper adjustment means peak operational efficiency – which can save you up to 37% on energy bills. You’ll also enjoy our lowest, flat rate Professional Evaluation Fee that does not increase regardless of the time of the day or day of the year that you need service. Additionally, you will receive discounts on repair service and equipment replacement should you have any additional comfort needs.

Safety & Protection
The periodic maintenance and inspection of your equipment ensures that it is operating safely, helping to protect the safety and well being of your family.

Priority Treatment
Scheduled maintenance decreases the likelihood of unexpected problems, but should you need repair service, you’ll receive priority treatment as a Club Member. Your service problems become our first concern.

How much does it cost? In many cases, less than the savings you will incur in energy costs.