We have a whole house fan and are looking to replace our a/c unit before next season, but was wondering if it would be beneficial to add an attic fan as well? – Sherie K

Personally I would not. I have had one for years, but rarely use it. But, all homeowners are different and so it may make sense for you.  Let me explain.  The way an attic fan works is you place a large exhaust fan in the ceiling of your …home which will pull air from your homes living space and exhaust it into the attic. This puts a negative pressure in your living space which will allow air to be pulled inside when a window is opened.  That sounds great but you need to understand there is a down side.  The air being pulled in may be a nice temperature but it will be laden with unwanted humidity, dust and other allergens that most people do not want in their home. You won’t believe how much dirt will collect on your screens. What isn’t caught there is pulled inside.

I’m not sure how much it costs for the installation of a new attic fan, but make sure it includes proper ventilation in the attic to handle the exhaust air. There is also a problem in some houses where the negative pressure in the home can interfere with the venting of gas appliances, like your water heater.

On the flip side with a new home comfort system, you can have the cleanest, freshest, most comfortable air in your home for a couple dollars a day, depending on the size of your house.  – Ramon

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