Former Harvard Professor Says Universities do More Harm Than Good. Recommends: Send Them to Trade School

In a broad-ranging November 2016 podcast interview with host Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience, former assistant and associate Harvard professor and current Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto said “Send them to trade school,” when asked by Rogan what would be the best choice for his children’s education.

The discussion highlighted the rise of Marxism and it’s ideals hidden in topics of social change and social justice on most college campuses. Professor Peterson stated “Implementing these policies will make things worse. They’ve made things worse every single place they’ve ever been implemented.” Rogan stated, “It’s so strange that these ideologies are thriving in universities and it’s really disconcerting to people who have children.” “Send them to trade school” was the matter-of-fact remark from Peterson. “Wow! A guy that used to teach at Harvard said send them to trade school!” Rogan exclaimed. “I think you can make a reasonable case that the universities are doing more harm than good now. I hate to say that.” Peterson replied. “It’s a terrible thing to say that the universities do more harm than good, and I haven’t come to that conclusion lightly.”

It is not only the ideologies that are pushed on college campuses, it is also the financial burden placed on students that makes Peterson conclude that trade school could be a better option. “The proportion of university expenditures that has gone to administration has massively increased and at the same time the student’s financial burden has increased. So what has happened in a weird sense is that the administration has conspired to steal the future earnings of their students.” Rogan added that student loans are the only debt that you cannot declare bankruptcy on. “To me it’s indentured servitude.” Peterson said. “So think about that. Tell me what the difference is between that and indentured servitude. It’s the only debt you can’t declare bankruptcy on.”

Peterson goes on to say that with the prevalence of educational options online, the true university of ideas and information is outside of the institutions that call themselves universities. “You can educate yourself endlessly online…The only thing that universities have now is accreditation, but they’re doing everything they can to make that valueless.”

As a Harvard professor, he was nominated for the prestigious Levinson Teaching Prize, and is regarded by his current University of Toronto students as one of three truly life-changing teachers.

The fascinating conversation between Rogan and Peterson examined the consequences of young people going to college and earning a degree that is in a field that is not in demand. Alternatively, the MikeRowe WORKS Foundation states that while there is a trillion dollars in student loan debt in this country, there are three million good jobs that no one seems to want. The foundation’s website states, “The Skills Gap is here, and if we don’t close it, it’ll swallow us all. Which is a long way of saying, we could use your help…”

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